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Families at Ayala Westgrove Heights can surely have a grand time without even leaving their home with all of the completed amenities of this subdivision. Residents also have easy access to the country’s premier schools that have established annexes in the area such as St. Scholastica’s College-Westgrove, De La Salle University Canlubang, and Don Bosco School. In the future, a Church and a village retail center will be built right outside the gates of the subdivision

The location of the project is in Silang, Cavite, which is known for its attractive sites, cultural facilities and refreshing weather. Surrounded by splendid destinations, Ayala Westgrove Heights is placed conveniently for any type of needed diversion. Making your way to the nearest destinations will be an easy task due to incorporated infrastructures, which were brought to life for a smooth transportation between the key points in the area. The roads have been built along the routes which have frequently been covered, considering the environmental factors of preserving the beauty of nature. Ayala Land has been incorporating many ideas in the region for the sake of offering people highest quality of life with the regard harmonic combination of complex artificial structures and surrounding flora. 

Inside the village, you will be able to enjoy the landscapes of the surrounding land, due to a strategical design, which aims to offer the view of the most fabulous surroundings. By taking a walk around the area, you will be able to see the Tagaytay Ridge, Laguna de Bay, Makati Skyline and the Mount Makiling. Despite the enclosed village, the area features 3 transcending points, which could be used either for exiting or entering inside project’s perimeters. They are also strategically placed so that in case you need to migrate from a point straightaway to the exit or make a stop to a commercial center before entering the village, you will always be swiftly driving around due to the conveniently implemented design of the eastward exits.

The area was designed to preserve the original image of wildlife among the established human habitats. The environment is filled with more than thousands of mango trees and has numerous hills and valleys containing walking paths for relaxed journeys. The territory is divided in a balanced manner for people to be able to enjoy the surrounding nature. Practically half of the whole area is filled with the orchard trees, man-made lagoons, and beautiful natural reservations, while the other one is covered in its most part by real estates. Even though the houses dedicated to living are apart from the natural reservations, they can still be found among splendid landscapes and vegetation. 
The living area is located in the heart of nature. However, there are numerous facilities that can be reached in no time. With just 5 minutes of walking, you will reach NUVALI, which contains many schools, hospitals, and commercial centers. 

2. Education
The presence of numerous schools emphasizes one of the project’s targets, which is to offer families a comfortable stay with the possibility of raising future generations in a peaceful environment. Within about 15-20 minutes of driving, you can reach such schools as the St. Scholastica’s College, Xavier School, Brent International School, and many others. For offering a possibility of a future stay end education, there are also Universities, which are placed relatively in the near of Ayala Westgrove Heights, such as the University of Santo Tomas. 

3. Healthcare
You can rest assured when it comes to your health, as there are 2 hospitals in the near, the Asian Hospital and South Luzon Medical Center, which contain the necessary apparatuses and qualified doctors for tackling most of the problems related to health. 

4. Shopping
In case you want to diversify your life, you can always go further to Alabang or The Makati Central Business District, however, in most cases, it won’t be necessary, as 3 grand commercial centers: Solona, Alabang Town Center, and Paseo de Santa Rosa are located in several minutes of reach. 

5. Transport
The St. Rosa-Tagaytay Road is the longest street in the area, which runs through some of the most frequently visited points, which leads to Tagaytay in the west and can be accessed through either directly the St. Rosa exit, or Maplasan and Greenfield Exit. 

Nearby schools :

  • St. Scholastica's College -Westgrove
  • DLSU Canlubang
  • Don Bosco
  • Brent International School
  • Ateneo Graduate School
  • Xavier School (for future development)

Nearby hospitals :

  • Asian Hospital
  • South Luzon Medical Center

Nearby commercial centers :

  • Paseo de Santa Rosa
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Solana (NUVALI Retail Center)
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